Bay & Bow Windows

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What is a Bay Window

A bay window is an arrangement of three or more individual window units. A bay window adds a projection to the wall which can be stood in, adding a stylish look from the outside and a great place to sit and relax on the inside. Bay windows can be crafted from uPVC, timber or aluminium double glazing to fit with the style of any property.

Why choose Bay windows?

Bay windows allow you to enjoy panoramic views of your outside space and are a perfect place to relax. Adding the sense of space and offering more light, due to the extra panes, whilst becoming beautiful feature by proving charming character to your home. With a range of material options and colours to choose from, a bay window can be a unique and inspiring addition to your home.

Bay window configurations

Single End Bay

Splay Bay

Circular Bay

Square Bay

Energy efficient – keeping the cold out and heat in

A bay window adds extra panes of glass so there is more space for potential heat loss. However, this is not the case with home glaze bay windows as they are A+ rated as standard and made-to-measure so they fit your home perfectly and reduce heat loss. The space between these panes is filed with Argon gas and the spacers are coated with a low conduction material to hold in more of the heat you are paying for. Home Glaze bay windows are also fitted with weather-resistant Q-Lon seals which create a tight fit to keep out draughts and help keep your home warmer in the winter.

Security features that exceed British Standards

With Home Glaze bay windows you can rest assured that they are safe and secure as they exceed the level of security demanded by British Standards. An internal glazing bead prevents glass being removed from the outside for added peace of mind. We have also worked with leading lock manufacturers Yale to produce GrabLock, which has three times the locking surface area as standard multi-point locking systems, making it our most secure window lock ever.

Stunning design to give your home a unique look

Home Glaze bay windows add character to a home and are a stylish addition. Home Glaze uPVC bay windows are available in a range of colours to give your home a unique look.