Home Glaze is a great source for double glazed windows, doors and locks that you can rely on. Everything we do at Home Glaze is designed to make your life more simple. We’ve got the answer to any project you may have. All our units are built with a special seal to help keep out winter draughts, reducing heat loss but also allowing any warmth in from outside, therefore lowering the cost of your energy.

Home Glaze have has over 15 years experience in windows and door. with this , we guarantee you fully bespoke and security windows and doors that will serve you for over 10 years.The work that we do at Home Glaze reflects who you are and thats why every job we do is tailored to our customers. Every customer is different, so we look at exactly what you want, and make sure you pay for no more than you need. Whilst still being assured that the work we do is done to the highest quality and of the best standard.

The Home Glaze team are made up of dedicated and professional individuals who take pride in the job that they do. By working as a team not only do we support each other, our main aim is to support, you, our clients. We work from strength to strength to ensure top quality production meets new highs.