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RCM Thermal Inserts

RCM Thermal Inserts

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January 1, 1970
About Project

Particularly intended for the Elite 70 territory, these supplements are produced using 100% reused PVC-U. They are lightweight, simple and safe to work with, enduring and very protecting. Utilised together with traditional steel or aluminium reinforcements, the supplements have been intended to enhance screw maintenance and to guarantee culminate equipment situating. They are the straightforward method to better protected, less demanding to fabricate frames.


Using RCM thermal inserts makes the generation of energy-efficient windows more financially savvy. PVC-U is, essentially, a superior encasing than steel or aluminium and the supplements increment the quantity of chambers in the profiles from 5 to 8, while keeping weight low. What’s more, being 100% reused and recyclable, these additions can just upgrade your notoriety for sustainable windows and doors.
  • Suits Ovolo and bevelled systems
  • Use in outer-frames, sashes, transoms, mullions and door outer-frames
  • Easy to cut and safer to handle
  • Can be welded for increased corner strength
  • Compared to an outer-frame reinforced with steel, improves thermal performance by approximately 25%
  • Improves both WERs and U-values
  • Good screw retention for hardware
  • Compatible with both internally and externally glazed sashes