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Why choose Patio Doors?

Patio doors are a smart, practical choice door to let more light flood into your home and allow access to your garden. Choose between a contemporary aluminium or easy to maintain uPVC.


Frequently asked questions:

At Home Glaze,we understand that choosing new sliding patio doors can be a daunting task. So to help you here are some frequently asked questions that you might find useful.

Are sliding patio doors easy to break into?

Many homeowners have a preconceived idea that patio doors are easier to break into because of the large area of glass. This tends to be unfounded as invariably intruders don’t smash glass (modern double glazing is actually very hard to smash anyway) but would instead aim for the locking mechanisms. Home Glaze uses a range of tough and comprehensive mechanisms that make the doors very hard to access without a key.

What sizes are available for a patio door?

Standard patio doors are 2.1m high and come in 2,3 and 4 panels. However, there are many options to consider when choosing patio doors. Most of the time the size of the opening will denote the number of panels. A standard panel width will be around 1m.

Are patio doors energy efficient?

With such a large amount of glass there is a tendency that they will be less efficient than having a smaller standard window built into the wall. However, our patio doors are argon filled and use energy-efficient glass that harvests heat from the sun reducing the impact of the large glass surface area.


Are sliding patio doors better than Bi-fold doors?

Both types of doors offer their own benefits. Being able to open up the whole of the entrance aperture with bi-fold doors are great on a summer’s day and can add real impact to a room. However, bi-fold doors do tend to have more frame. Sliding patio doors only open up 50% of the door entrance but have less frame so allow for more light.

Sliding doors or bi-fold doors?

Sliding doors or bi-fold doors?

Choosing between traditional sliding doors and bi-fold doors depends on what your needs are.

The main benefit of bi-fold doors is to create a seamless space between inside and outside. When open, bi-fold doors add the wow factor to a property and can add value to your home.

If you have limited space, sliding patio doors might be the better option.


Bi-fold doors Sliding doors
Maximise space of opening Maximise light
Create wow factor Better for smaller areas
Can add value Less frame to glazed area
Connect inside to outside space Economical


Home Glaze Patio Door benefits

Safe and secure

A larger glass area doesn’t make your door any less secure. Our glass is thermally toughened, making it incredibly difficult to break. We also use an internal glazing bead so the glass cannot be removed from the outside and an anti-life security strip prevents the door from being lifted out of the frame.

Thermally efficient and draught resistant

A 20mm gap between the panes, Low-E internal glass, weather-resistant seals and trickle ventilation help retain the heat inside your home. Our patio doors are also fully insulated; the door panel engages into a channel in the outer frame to provide draught resistance.


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