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Affordable & Beautiful uPVC Doors

uPVC front doors are a popular choice for modern homes. uPVC has a smooth and naturally weatherproof finish, making it a good all-round material that offers exceptional value. There’s no danger of a uPVC door degrading, and they are virtually maintenance-free. uPVC is also a naturally insulating material, and the frames and panels are designed to offer high levels of energy efficiency. uPVC is a good all-round material that will never rot, flake or rust.


Modern uPVC doors are built to be sturdy and secure, with steel-reinforced frames and panels. The hinges and locks are welded securely to the steel reinforcement within the frame, meaning that would-be intruders cannot gain entry through this previous weak spot. Home Glaze uPVC doors feature locks that meet all security standards: BSI, PAS24 and Secured by Design.


uPVC doors are best suited to modern new build properties, suburban developments and terraced houses. We don’t recommend uPVC for period properties or Georgian townhouses.


Home Glaze uPVC doors are available in a range of colours or a wood grain finish, created by bonding wood grain effect foils to the frames and panel creating a realistic texture of timber. You also have the option of a duo colour door that looks like timber from the outside, with white on the inside to match a neutral interior colour palette.

Why choose an Home Glaze uPVC Door?

Energy-efficient and weatherproof

Made-to-measure for a millimetre perfect fit, Home Glaze uPVC doors feature double weather-resistant seals to keep out rain and draughts. Glass panels are available with energy-efficient double or triple glazing and fitted with Low-E glass which reflects heat back into your home.

Security that's way out in front

Home Glaze uPVC doors meet British Security Standards and are accredited with Secured by Design  and PAS 24 which tests every aspect of security. Multi-point locks, laminated glass which is tougher to break, internal glazing bead prevents removal of glass from outside, letterbox fishing guard and there’s the option of keyless Smartlock from lock experts Yale.

Durable and low maintenance

Home Glaze uPVC doors are long-lasting and stay looking great, year after year, guaranteed. Low maintenance and extremely easy to clean, they will never rot, rust, peel or flake. Adjusting the hinges periodicaly and a quick wash will keep your uPVC door looking its best. uPVC front doors should last for at least 30 years with little maintenance.


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