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Sliding Sash Windows

Depending on your requirements, we can install these beautiful and increasingly-popular windows in a variety of materials and styles. Our uPVC flush casement windows can be manufactured in two ways; with contemporary ‘invisible’ welds or with a mock mortise and tenon joint for a more authentic look.

Due to their incredible versatility and tight seal when closed, flush casements are extremely good value for money, boasting luxury for less whilst saving on energy bills.

By design, these windows do not have a ‘lip’ and as such can hugely reduce the amount of heat lost from your rooms with estimates of up to 28% energy savings per year following the installation of high quality, energy-efficient windows.

The advantages of our door services:


Excellent value


Smooth running - traditional sash cords or modern spiral balance


Woodgrain uPVC option – you can't tell the difference


Spiral balance running mechanism to enable a greater glass area

uPVC colours


White Woodgrain

Cream Woodgrain

Anthracite Grey & White Woodgrain


Frequently asked questions:

Can you have double glazed sash windows?

Double glazed sash windows are an ideal choice for conservation areas or for those who wish to maintain the look and feel of a period property. You can opt for an authentic timber sash look or a maintenance free uPVC option available in woodgrain finishes

What is the sash part of the window?

The window sash is the part of a window that opens and holds the glass and framework around the glass to keep it in place. Window sashes are extremely important to the overall construction and stability of the window. It is imperative that vinyl window sashes are multi-chambered and reinforced to prevent distortion. If a window sash is distorted, then this could cause issues with leakage and locking of the window itself.

What is the difference between sash and casement windows?

The most important difference is that sash windows open vertically and casement windows normally open out or in like doors. Sash windows are the traditional window design and at Home Glaze we feel have a classic timeless style that look great in old and new houses alike. A casement window is a modern variant being more practical and offering benefits such as better security as the lock is constructed within the frame and ease of cleaning. Sash windows are more complex in construction and can require some maintenance unlike casement which is very much fit and leave.


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